Monday, June 3, 2013

The Baby Show: From the Magic Box

Players: Brad, Gus
Location: The Kitchen

Gus: {Dad, give me some of that substance you just created in the magic box.}
Brad - Gives Gus 8 pieces of microwave popcorn
Gus - eats four of them
Gus: {This is delightful. What do you call this?}
Brad: "Popcorn"
Gus: {I'd like more please.}
Brad: "You still have some left on your tray."
Gus - looks down.
Gus: {by gum, you are correct. Splendid. However, it changes nothing. More popcorn!}
Brad: "Finish your popcorn and the ENTIRE graham cracker I gave you as your snack before you demanded some of mine."
Gus: {You are a crafty debater, sir; I will meet your demands but with furious protest.}

(Original Post Date: 5/13/2013)

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