Monday, June 3, 2013

The Baby Show: Appropriate Terminology

Players: Brad, Gus, Hope, Ruby
Location: Outside the garage

Ruby: "I want my bike"
Brad opens the garage
Gus: {Ah, the room of sharp object, poisons, and flammable liquids. Excellent!}
Brad: "You stay out."
Brad grabs Ruby’s bike and an outdoor walker for Hope
Gus: {To the street!} runs down the driveway
Brad runs after him, grabs his chubby hand and leads him back.
Brad "stay in the backyard."
Gus: {You sir have no sense of adventure.} picks a dandelion and sticks it in his mouth.
Ruby: "I want my big wheel."
Brad gets the big wheel and closes the garage. He puts Hope in the walker.
Hope: {I be walkin’!}
Brad: "I wouldn’t call what you are doing walking."
Hope: {What’s this thing I'm in?}
Brad: "a walker."
Hope: {and what’s on my feet?}
Brad: "Shoes"
Hope: {and have I moved?}
Brad: "2 inches, backward, when Gus pushed you out of the way so he could eat some moss."
Hope: {Don’t make me no never mind. I be walkin’, fool!}

(Original Posting on 5/14/2013)

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