Monday, June 3, 2013

The ThrowDown: Gus V. Hope

Arena: Baby Backpack

Round 1: The appeal "Hey (insert Baby name) wanna go in the backpack?"
Hope: Blinks, kicks legs.
Gus: "BAPPAK!" Runs to wherever the backpack is.
Winner: Gus

Round 2: Being placed in the Backpack
Hope: with the exception of leg control, goes into the backpack easily and fits snuggly.
Gus: wiggles and thrashes like a freak, in an attempt to get into the backpack faster, which is actually counterproductive.
Winner: Hope

Round 3: Ease of carrying
Hope: Weighs the same as a feather pillow
Gus: bones must be comprised of depleted uranium 
Winner: Hope

Round 4: Longest Duration in Back Pack without completely losing it
Hope: no more than 45 minutes.
Gus: 3.5 hours
Winner: Gus

Round 5: Weapons Employed against Host (Brad)
Hope: Razor Nails and Banshee Scream
Gus: Ear Grabbing and basic bludgeoning.
Winner: Hope


(Original Post: 5/23/2013)

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