Monday, June 3, 2013

Child Cheat Codes: Children Desiring God Music

We were introduced to The Children Desiring God CD's by good friends of ours, The Larsons - My kids call all these songs (and now by association, any Bible Verse song) Larson songs.

Children Desiring God started out as a memorization program for kids at Bethlehem Baptist Church - John Piper's Home Church - the Larson's also currently attend.
Bethlehem Baptist Church really focuses on Scripture Memory and has a lot of curriculum to help both children and adults memorize scripture.

I highly recommend these songs. Some of the music underneath the scripture will initially make you roll your eyes, but watching my 3 year old be able to sing whole passages of scripture got me over that really quick - and much of the music is pretty decent and catchy. My kids like them so much, they ask me to play the music CONSTANTLY. It is more requested than any Disney or other kids music.

It has also helped me memorize a ton of scripture as well.

There current offerings are here.
Set 1 is random verses, while Set 5 is the Sermon on the Mount.

The also have there original releases (they call them Legacy verses) here.

The songs are also available on iTunes, and the CD through Amazon.

Also, Seeds Family Worship CD's

(Original Post: 5/29/2013)

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