Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The THROWDOWN: Ruby of the People Vs. Ruby of the Family.

Round 1: With Kids

Ruby of the People: occasionally shares without having to be prompted, is concerned and shows compassion when non-related kids cry, does not hit or bite, cannot remember anyone's name
Ruby of the Family: doesn't even want the toy till Gus/Hope are playing with it, is often the cause of crying by other kids, both hits and kicks, uses correct names constantly but usually in an accusatory manner.
WINNER: Ruby of the People

Round 2: Obeying

Ruby of the People: listens, does what she is asked fairly quickly, only has to be asked once.
Ruby of the Family: doesn't even seem to have ears in her head, creates imaginary villains on-the-spot who are actively keeping her from obeying in a timely fashion, doesn't even understand english unless you have asked 5 times.
WINNER: Ruby of the People

Round 3: Tone of Voice
Ruby of the People: uses a relatively normal tone, says please, rarely cries or whines.
Ruby of the Family: either doesn't talk at all because her thumb is in her mouth, or yells; has to be reminded constantly that we are not her servants; cries whenever she doesn't get her way.
WINNER: Ruby of the People

Round 4: Gregariousness
Ruby of the People: wants to play with everyone, which sometimes means she leaves kids in the middle of playing with them in order to see what the newly arrived kids are doing. Forgets to ask new kids their names, just calls them "Little Boy" or "Little Girl," even if they are 5 years old.
Ruby of the Family: wants to be with you, specifically. Always comes back to you.
WINNER: Ruby of the Family

Round 5: Lovingness
Ruby of the People: Likes everyone, is usually polite, obedient, and kind. Want's you to be okay. A little bossy, but really just wants you to play with her and like her.
Ruby of the Family: constantly is saying how much she loves her mom, dad, gramma, grampa, nana, poppa, Gussie. Wants to be close, snuggles. Will sit in the kitchen doing nothing just so she can be near you. Loves Jesus and sings songs about Him.
WINNER: Ruby of the Family


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  1. Guess the tie could mean you have a well rounded child. :)