Thursday, October 25, 2012

Before Brad@Home: Everyone remain calm, I'm not a doctor

EMT-B stands for Emergency Medical Technician - Basic.
Whenever you here a person say he is an EMT, this is what there are talking about.

There are technically 3 levels of EMT: B, I, and P. However, no one really goes for just I (intermediate) anymore; They go straight to P (Paramedic).

EMT-B was a 10 week course that met 2-3 times a week at Wright College the Winter of 2010. It was a standard college class, except for the labs and the practical tests. In the labs, we all took turns strapping each other to gurneys, diagnosing ailments our teachers gave to us, and resuscitating CPR Dummies.
The practical tests were similar, except that we didn't get 2nd chances.

It was actually really enjoyable-I learned how to put in a breathing tube, how to secure head trauma, how to extract potential spinal injuries from a car accident, how to do the basic checkup steps; it had a good combination of interesting content and potentially useful application--unlike a lot of my undergrad and graduate studies.

It was also a lot of work. I was constantly studying or doing homework. I made hundreds of flash cards. All my time was taken up with EMT class, exercising, and work. Meanwhile, my wife was getting slowly, but obviously more pregnant.

I learned a lot from the course. Out of the 22 students who started in my class, 10 passed. I was told I got the highest grade in our class.

Of course, I just allowed that to make me haughty and insufferable when it came to minor medical conditions. Really, just another subject to add to that list.

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