Monday, June 3, 2013

The ThrowDown: Gus V. Baby Huey

Round 1: Size
Gus: 100% in both height and weight (Less than 3 ft, 30 lbs). Bones potentially made of depleted uranium
Baby Huey: Bigger than a full grown adult.
Winner: Baby Huey

Round 2: Strength
Gus: Strong, for a baby. Strength increases when placed in Baby Back pack.
Baby Huey: Stronger than most full grown adults.
Winner: Baby Huey

Round 3: Zoological Classification
Gus: Homo Sapien
Baby Huey: Anas platyrhynchos domestica
Winner: Gus

Round 4: Typical Dress
Gus: Various animal or automotive t-shirts; blue or gray pants, shoes that look like taxis.
Baby Huey: Blue Bonnet, Blue shirt, Diaper.
Winner: Gus

Round 5: Existence
Gus: real
Baby Huey: Cartoon, not real.
Winner: Gus

Victor: Gus, the real human baby

(Original Post: 5/27/2013)

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