Monday, June 3, 2013

The Baby Show: Free Candy

Players: Brad, Gus, Ruby
Location: In the Men's Bathroom at the Library.

Brad leads Ruby and Gus to the sink after a successful bathroom visit by Ruby.
Brad: "Okay, let's wash your hands."
Brad puts the baby bag down and lifts Ruby up to get her hands wet.
Brad: "Okay, get your hands wet. Now soap. Okay rinse them off."
Ruby scrubs her hands
Brad: "Where's your brother?"
Brad turns around and sees him with his hand firmly in the urinal.
Gus - pulling out a bright pink Urinal cake: {This bathroom is a treasure! They keep candy in receptacles attached to the wall at just my height!}
Brad quasi-drops Ruby and leaps across the room, grabs Gus's hand and shakes the urinal cake back into the urinal.
Brad "No Gussie! We don't touch those things."
Ruby comes over to inspect.
Ruby: "What is that, daddy?" Begins to reach into the urinal.
Brad releases Gus and grabs Ruby before she can get her hand into it: "It keeps the potty smelling nice, don't ever put your hands in there."
Brad turns back to Gus just in time to watch Gus shove the hand that had been holding the urinal cake into his mouth.
Gus: {This is the worst candy I've ever tasted!}
Brad, without letting go of Ruby this time, grabs Gus's hand out of his mouth: "No Gus, Yucky!"
Brad sighs.
Brad: "Alright, let’s wash EVERYONES hands again. And let's not mention this to your mother."

(Original Post: 5-21-2013)

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