Monday, June 3, 2013

The Baby Show: It's Me Again

Players: Brad, Gus, (Hope), Ruby, Various Bystanders
Location: At the Park

Ruby is running pell mell around the playground with today's baby-friend. Gus is wandering around by the fence pointing at cars in the parking lot. Hope is on Brad's back.
Brad:"RUBY, you have 10 minutes."
Ruby: "Why?"
Brad: "Because we need to go home and feed Hope and get your lunch ready.'
Ruby: "Why?"
Brad: "Because eating is essential to energy creation and life."
Ruby: "Why?"
Brad: "Your body takes food and breaks it down into nutrients that your stomach and intestines then absorb."
Ruby: "Why?"
Brad: "So your circulatory system can then transport those nutrients around your body to use for energy and to rebuild various important internal systems.
Ruby: "Why?"
Brad sighs: "Because God made it that way."
Ruby: "Why?"
Brad: "You'll have to ask HIM. You now have 5 minutes." 
Brad turns to Gus: "Gus, you okay?"
Gus: "CAW." 
{There is such a variety of cars in the area. I'm fascinated by the array. Come look with me.}
Brad: "Okay, I'll be right there." 
Brad walks 20 feet to get the stroller, then pushes it over to Gus, who has knelt down to play with something in the grass.
Brad: "Gus, what ya doing?"
{I am examining this strange grass.} Holds up a mushroom.
Brad takes it quickly out of Gus's hands and picks him up: "Did you eat any?"
Gus blank stare: 
{I am afraid I don't recall. Isn't it more exciting NOT to know?}
Brad sighs, picks a few mushrooms and puts them in the diaper bag. He deposits Gus in the stroller. 
Brad, hits a number on the speed dial of his phone while yelling across the parking lot: "Ruby, we're leaving. Say bye to your friends."
Ruby: "Bye bye, little boy."
Brad hits the number to choose English: "Ruby, you play with him every day. What's his name?"
Ruby thinks for a second: "Leo."
Brad pushes the button to indicate that he is not a medical professional: "Then say bye to him with his name."
Ruby: "Bye, Leo." 
Ruby runs over to Brad and they start walking home as a Technician picks up on the other line.
Technician: "Thank you for calling poison control, how may I help you."
Brad: "Hi Jessica, it's Brad Archer."
Jessica: "Oh, Hey Brad - Ruby or Gus?"

(Original Post: 6/3/2013)

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