Monday, June 3, 2013

The Baby Show: Little Miss Forgetful

Players:  Brad, Gus, Hope, Ruby
Location: At the Park

Brad rolls the stroller with Gus and Hope in it up to the swings while Ruby runs off to meet a little girl she sees here every day.
Ruby: "Little Girl, would you like to play with me?"
Brad: "Ruby, ask her name."
Ruby - to the little girl: "What's your name?"
Little Girl: "June."
They run off to play, June - a little shy; Ruby like a wild, untrained beast child.
Brad unstraps Gus from the stroller and lets him start to run amok. Brad begins to take Hope out of her seat.
Gus immediately runs up to the swings - there are 2 swings, one that looks like a traditional small child swing, and one that is a giant, red plastic recliner.
Gus: {I would appreciate being swung. Make it so.}
Brad: "Okay." Puts Hope in the traditional small child swing - the same swing she goes in every day.
Hope looks around, slightly startled: {Where are we? What is this?}
Brad pushes the swing.
Hope's expression becomes instantly happy: {OH I REMEMBER THIS. THIS IS THE BOMB!}
In the distance - Ruby "Little Girl, come down the slide with me."
Brad "Ruby, what's her name?"
Ruby to the little girl "What's your name?"
Little girl: "June."
Brad turns to Gus
Gus: {We were having a conversation. That swing is my preferred swing. Please vacate Hope so I may use it.}
Hope: {THAT is SO not happening.}
Brad "Gus, you get the red swing. Hope needs the baby swing."
Brad puts Gus in the red recliner swing and pushes it.
Gus: {I suppose, this is acceptable. It isn't quite as thrilling, but I do get to lounge rather comfortably.}
Hope: {I can feel the wind in my hair! PUSH ME HIGHER!}
In the distance - Ruby: "Follow me, Little Girl."
Brad "Ruby, first of all, she's a year older than you; Second, what's her name?!"
Ruby to the little girl "What's your name?"
Little girl: "June."
Hope: {HIGHER!}
Gus slouching down in the red recliner swing: {Garcon, I'd like an orange juice, chilled, if you would.}

(Original Post: 5-20-2013)

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