Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Baby Show: The Great NapTime Adventure, Part 1.

Players: Brad, Gus, Ruby
Location: Gus's Room

The Baby Show has all gone down for a nap, and Brad is thinking of doing something productive in the back yard. He has a video baby monitor with him to check up on Gus and Hope.
Gus has been sleeping in a "big boy" bed for a few weeks. However, it is shoved up against the corner of a wall and furniture is pushed up against the long open side to keep him from getting out. The short open side is mostly blocked by the headboard, and leads to The Chasm - a point of no return.

Gus has been running in circles on his bed for 15 minutes, not showing the least bit of tired. He has fallen down twice, smacking his head directly into the wall both times - with seeming little effect. Monkey Wayne, Tigger, Ow-Woe, Woofie, and Buhn-Buhn are all in bed with him as he runs haphazard over them.

Gus: {HUZZAH! Come lads, join me in my revelry! The lights are out and we have free reign over this bouncy kingdom.}
Woofie: {WOOF!}
Ow-Woe: {Remember, young master, that we are but fabric and stuffing. We have no ability at motion without your assistance.}
Gus: {Quite right, O wise Ow-Woe.} Grabs Buhn-Buhn {Are you ready for ADVENTURE fuzzy friend?}
Buhn-Buhn: {Dude, you are really harshing my mellow.}
Gus: {Once more into the breach, Lazy Bunny!}
Gus throws Buhn-Buhn into the Chasm.
Gus looks over the headboard: {How fair you?}
Buhn-Buhn: {It is heinously dark down here.}
Gus: {Fear not, I shall retrieve you!} "DADDUH!...DADDUH!......DADDUH!.........dadduh?"
Gus: {Help is not forthcoming, I shall retrieve you myself.}
Monkay Wayne: {I don't think that's a good idea, Gus. There is no guarantee that you will be able to get back up yourself.}
Ow-Woe: {I must concur.}
Gus: {Pushah, There is nothing to fear except fear itself...and perhaps large, stuffed, fish.}
Gus squeezes himself between the headboard and the mattress, having to turn his head side-wise in order to fit, but he does make it into The Chasm.
Gus: {Victory is mine! I shall take a moment to reveal in my triumph and look around.} He spies a plug sticking out of a socket. {I wonder what this does.} Gus pulls the plug out of the wall.
Brad, who has been watching the whole thing on the baby monitor, is now forced to get up, as Gus has just unplugged the camera.
Brad opens Gus's door and walks over to the head of the bed and leans over the rocking chair that's been shoved there to keep Gus in bed. "Whatcha doin, Guster?"
Gus: {Exploring!}
Brad: "That's great, but you should be sleeping." Brad pulls Gus and Buhn-Buhn out of The Chasm and plugs the camera back in. "Now lie down and go to sleep."
Gus lies down: {Of course, so sorry}.
Brad leaves. Before the door is even fully closed Gus is up and moving toward the headboard.
Monkey Wayne: {Gus, don't go back down there.}
Buhn-Buhn: {Yeah, man. It's really a drag.}
Gus slows for a moment: {Perhaps you are right.}
Tigger: {HO HO, don't worry about it, Gusaroo! You'll be able to bounce straight out. What's a day without a little FUN!}
Gus smiles and wedges himself back through the hole in the headboard, but this time something goes wrong.
Gus, with his body through the gap but his head stuck in the headboard: {LADS, SOMETHING SEEMS TO BE AMISS!}
Buhn-Buhn: {Told you, dude.}
Gus: {Tigger! Help me!}
Tigger: {Don't worry, Christopher Robin will be along to help.}
Brad comes running in a second later, turning on the light. He quickly extricates Gus from his predicament and deposits him back in bed. 'See, goofball? Stay in bed."
Brad goes over to the closet and pulls out a blanket. He climbs over the headboard and drops into The Chasm. After several minutes, he has managed to wrap the blanket in such a way that is blocks off Gus's entrance to The Chasm.
Brad: "Okay, now stop goofing around and go to bed."
Gus, standing on the mattress: {Too Right, Good show. I'll do that right away.}
Brad waits a moment. They stand staring at each other.
Brad: "Gus, LIE DOWN."
Gus: {OH, right.} Lies down, but continues staring at Brad.
Brad: "Close your eyes."
Gus: {Excellent suggestion} Gus puts his toddler paws over his eyes. {There, all set. Good night.}
Brad sighs and leaves.
Gus waits a beat, then quickly rises and surveys the blanket covering his former escape.
Gus: {Well, that is no longer an option. How else do you think we can get out of here, friends?}
Monkey Wayne, Ow-Woe, and Buhn-Buhn: {GO TO SLEEP!}
Woofie: {WOOF}
Gus: {But SIRS, it has only just started to get interesting}
Gus eyes the furniture surrounding his bed. {Now let's see....}

--To be Continued--


  1. I love that you have now given voice to the stuffed animals as well. I also love that Gus appears to have learned to speak from a proper Englishman.

  2. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy these!