Monday, June 10, 2013

The Baby Show: Pre-Chewed for Your Convenience.

Players: Brad, (Gus), Ruby, Ruthie
Location: The kitchen, The Living room, The Master bedroom

Brad is cleaning up in the kitchen, Gus is in the back bedroom with Ruthie, Ruby is playing in the living room.
It gets too quiet in the living room, so Brad steps around the corner to check on Ruby.
Ruby is in the process of stuffing something into her mouth. She sees Brad, gets a stricken look on her face, and FLEES down the hall at full toddler speed.
Brad: "Get back here!"
Ruby slowly trudges back and stands in front of Brad.
Brad: "What's in your mouth?"
Ruby inserts her toddler paw into her mouth and pulls out a white wad.
Brad takes it.
Brad: 'Ruby, this is the gum I chewed when I was running yesterday. Why would you want old, pre-chewed gum?"
Ruby: "I found it and I needed it to go running with the baby stroller and I will get all sweaty."
Brad: "Even if that is true, you don't chew already-chewed gum. It's GROSS."
Ruby stares at Brad blankly, obviously still coveting the gum.
Brad sighs: "Go play."
Ruby runs down the hall to the master bedroom.
Ruby: "Mommy, I ate gum that was already chewed up."
Ruthie: "Are you proud of that?

Ruby: "Yup!"

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