Friday, October 28, 2011

Sensitive Geek MAN: Why Writers Write

Its getting harder to write in this blog everyday. Not that it is actually hard to write, I'm pretty happy with how well I've been sitting down to write everyday. What's getting hard is thinking of things to write about.

I'll admit that some days are easier than others. There are times when ideas just pop into my head or situations occur that make it easy for me to have something to write about. Overall, though, it is slowly but surely getting harder to consistently have something in mind that I think is worth spending time writing about. Part of the issue is originality. I have this idea that everything I write needs to be original in some way; either I can't have written anything about it before or it can't be an idea that I think has been done to death. Really though, if I am honest, there isn't anything that is truly original anymore. Nothing new under the sun, as it were. The best I think most people can do is have an interesting outlook on some theme, not really come up with a new theme.

I think lack of true originality isn't so much of an issue, seeing as cultures and societies often need new writers to pick up the common themes. As much as I enjoy Shakespeare, he is not as widely read as I would hope him to be. So a newer writer comes along and adapts Shakespeare's work for the modern audience. Also, ideas need to be revisited. Even though equality, racial and gender issues, and questions about poverty are centuries old, we need to be reminded of them fairly regularly in order to make sure that we don't fall back into old, bad practices.

This is why the same general story can be told over and over with just some updates for modern audiences. People need to be reminded of old truths in new ways that are more accessible to them. That is one of the jobs of the writer: not just to come up with new stories and themes, but to revisit the old stories and themes for his modern readers.

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