Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sensitive Geek MAN: If I stopped quoting movies, I'd lose half my conversation ability.

It is kind of amazing/scary how much of an impact media has had on my development.

I don't mean that I have somehow been shaped morally or ethically by media; although I think that can happen if people aren't careful. I was lucky enough to have parents who made sure that I got that training from more appropriate sources.

But media has shaped 2 things rather significantly.

I have a quote from a TV show or movie for just about every situation. I know a lot of people who suffer from this malady. I tend to believe that I am a bit more extreme, or maybe I'm just more vocal about it.
I have things I say on a fairly regular basis that I know almost no one has any idea it is a movie quote. For the most part, this sort of behavior is not a bother. Our current culture bonds through the sharing of certain media, especially men. It may be the first time I have ever met you, but if we liked the same cartoons growing up, we may just be friends for life.
The one time that this behavior did bother me was when I was talking to a friend of my and had a very rare moment of insight and said it in a fairly witty an totally original manner. My friend looked at me for a moment and said "What movie is that from?"

I have also, unfortunately, gained some expectations from media.
I grew up expecting that the good guy always wins.
I expected that if I believed in my dreams they would all work out somehow.
I expected my wife and I to have a easy, whirlwind romance.
I expected to be a superhero.

Obviously none of those things is strictly true.
I will never be an actual superhero, but I can work to help others and maybe be a hero to a few.
I love my wife, and while our marriage is hard work, it has helped me become a better person in a way that I do not believe an easy romance would have.
I have learned that my dreams were simultaneously too self-centered and too pedantic. I have a previous post about that.
While the good guy may not always win from day to day, I do believe that ultimately Good will win.

Its the waiting that's the hardest part.

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