Monday, October 24, 2011

The Renewing Mind/Sensitive Geek MAN: Practical Skills for the Apocalypse

I believe I have mentioned previously that I don't believe in the Rapture, at least not the concept of a Pre-Trib Rapture. Unfortunately, the argument that was made by a college professor of mine that convinced me to change my mind to Post-Trib has made its way out of my head, I just remember that it was very convincing. We aren't discussing the merits of either belief. I'm just sharing what my belief has done to the way I think about things.

To make sure everyone is on the same page, I will briefly describe the idea of The Rapture. When the end of the world gets much closer, there will be a period of time that Christians call The Tribulation. This is the time right before the Lord returns that will be full of turmoil, rampant sin, and the AntiChrist, along with other things. The Rapture is the idea that Jesus will call any believers to Him to be transformed before the very end.  Pre-Tribulation Rapture--which is by far the prevailing belief in Evangelical circles--states that Jesus will return before the Tribulation, so that Christians will be spared from it. I believe that Christians will be present for the Tribulation.

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that this influences my way of thinking. There are a handful of things I have become interested in that I know a great deal of my interest lies in how they will help me and the people I care about survive the Tribulation. Blacksmithing is a good example. Martial Arts is another. I suppose I assume that many Christians will have to flee civilization and eek out a living in the wild. I just want to make sure I have at least some rudimentary skills that can contribute to that cause.

Since high school, I have always enjoyed the outdoors and 'roughing it' sort of activities, even before I changed to a Post-Trib mindset. When I was young, I had this idea that I would work in a National Park as a guide or on the Search & Rescue Team during the summer, and on the Ski Patrol or teaching Ski School during the winter. I still sort of miss that I didn't go for that, and I am a bit envious when I hear of people who live that sort of life.

So, I do actively pursue skills I think will help me while the world is ending, but I also enjoy them for themselves. It's just that claiming I'm preparing for some great cataclysm gives those pursuits a bit more practicality than they would otherwise have.

Which is the argument I use on my wife whenever I go off to learn some new crazy thing.

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