Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sensitive Geek Man: Poetry Day ~ Joel's TV

About 10 years ago now, I went with some friends of mind to the house of a young man by the name of Joel. We went to watch some Epic movie.  I want to say it was the first LOTR, but I'm not sure.
Anyway, we walk into his house and do the normal hello thing, shook hands, met his wife. It was a normal, recent college grad, house in the Chicago suburbs: not too big but nice. It was well put together, but nothing really stood out. It was simple, but tidy.
Then we went into the basement to watch the movie.

And there it was. The single largest TV I had ever seen. This is at the beginning of the larger, flatter TV craze, and this TV was NOT a flat screen TV.  It took up one entire wall of his basement. It was seriously immense.

So immense, that the next day I quickly jotted down a silly little poem about it's largess. It isn't a complicated or deep poem, it is just meant to be fun.  I hope you like it.

Joels TV

Joels TV
Joels TV
I could hide in joels TV
with several others there with me
while I stretch out in joels TV

Joels TV
Joels TV
Clouds my soul in deep envy
From orbit I still could see
The pixel count of Joels TV

Joels TV
Joels TV
Larger than a redwood tree
Come and scale its screen with me
And see the sights from Joels TV

Joels TV
Joels TV
Wonder what sights we shall see
And what far off Kingdoms that there be
From the top of Joels TV

Joels TV
Glorious be
The vast expanse laid before me
Wider than the deepest sea
Is the scope of Joels TV

Joels TV
corrupted me
and Sent me on a shopping spree
to try and match the travesty
of the price of Joels tv
Joels Tv
Joels TV
Larger than mine eye can see
The picture it conjures up for me
And displays for all to see

Joels tv
joels tv
with furlongs measered it should be
and not by inches stupidly
as is done with mortal TV

Joels TV
Ruined me
For any lesser teleV
Could never offer the shockingly
Deep delight of Joels TV

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