Friday, October 7, 2011

The Renewing Mind/Sensitive Geek MAN: The way of the gun

I have a friend who said that he wanted the job of enforcing morality with a gun.

I like the concept, but it is obviously extreme.

Recently, I think I would like to be paid to give people perspective.

I'll use my own life as the initial example.
There are things about my life with which I am unhappy. I am sure everyone suffers from this. My job isn't what I would like it to be, I want to see my kids more, yadda yadda.
Far too often, I get focused on these things and can't let them go. I get all upset and up in arms.

Then I am given these moments of perspective:
I live in the United States, still one of the most prosperous, safe, free countries in the world.
I make a decent living, and my wife and I can pretty easily support our family.
Most everyone I know is pretty healthy.
I have good friends.
I go to a Godly, Bible-believing, fairly selfless church. I am not persecuted for my faith.

And then I realize I am a big whiner-baby.

I think that this sort of perspective is something that everyone needs. Maybe not with the same issues, but I think this is something that most people--especially in the U.S.--suffer from.

Now, this obviously wouldn't solve every problem, because there are people in the world who just don't care how good they have it. They want more. That's how sin works. It is never full; it is a giant gaping hole of need and it is always, always hungry.  You can not satisfy it, only kill it.

So maybe my friends gun morality has some merit. But, left to my own devices, I'd be just as likely to get shot as anyone else.


  1. As an avid gun enthusiast and gun rights advocate, I have to say that I think your friend is way out in left field. Whose morality does he intend to enforce?

    I use a gun to protect myself and my family from those who would harm us (God forbid it should ever be necessary).

  2. Dang. It still said I am unknown. Well, it was me.