Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Before Brad@Home: Why this blog existed originally

This Blog was written well before I transitioned the site over to Brad@Home. It is still valid, the scope of the blog has just been expanded a bit.

There is a constant stream of distraction that keeps one from writing.  I have never met another person who considers themselves a writer (or even just wants to be one) that doesn't have a constant struggle just to sit down and write; nevermind that once you sit down then you have to think of what to write.

So the reason I started this blog is in the hopes that I will write something on a more regular basis. Even if it isn't the masterpiece that I would like to write or even anything meaningful, if I could get to the point were I write something everyday I would consider that a significant victory.

So, a few things you can expect from this blog.
You can expect that I will sometimes ramble.  Hopefully it will at least be entertaining rambling.
You can expect me to TRY to be meaningful.  Any writer that really is introspective and honest with himself understand that writers and wanna-be-writers struggle with arrogance.  There is a great potential for arrogance in anyone who want to write things that others will read. There is an assumption that the writer in question has things to say that others will find enticing. I struggle with this a bit, although my issue is that I tend to convince myself I have nothing good to say and then I don't write.  So instead I am writing, not with the idea that I am going to say something profound and life changing for my readers, but instead that i will hopefully say something to which a reader can relate.  Something that causes a reader to think "I know what you mean" and makes people feel connected with each other.

You can also expect me to reference Jesus Christ, God, the Holy Spirit, and the Church.  The name of this blog is The Flame Imperishable, and that is God Himself. I endeavor to make Him the central point of everything I do.  I fail a lot, but I'll be honest about it. If you don't agree with my religious beliefs, I hope you will keep reading.  I am open to discussion, so please feel free to start some in the comments and such.

If you are reading, thank you. If you are up for it as a reader, help keep me diligent, humble, and honest.

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