Monday, September 26, 2011

Sensitive Geek MAN/The Renewing Mind: Adapt to Survive

The problem with having a blog where you try to update every day is that on some days I can't think of a topic.
Now, my writing teachers and every writing book I have ever read would say to just start free form writing  and something will come to you. I am supposed to just sit down and write about whatever I am thinking about, or what I am looking at, or even just write the same sentence over and over a hundred times, just to be writing something.

Well, I am not writing the same sentence over and over, that's too much like a punishment. I am trying to get more into writing, not alienate myself from it.
I'm not really looking at anything but the computer screen, so that isn't going to work.
And I'm thinking about how I don't have anything to write about.

There may be a breakdown in this method.

The thing that is possibly the bigger issue is that I don't function too well without some sort of plan. Not with everything, there are some things with which I am distressingly comfortable flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants. Apparently, writing is not one of them.

I think that holding on to any plan too firmly is a mistake. I heard a saying from a military commander once in regards to that , He said something along the lines of 'The best battle plan is rendered invalid after the first shot is fired.' I know I've experienced non-combat versions of that countless times.

I think that is one of the main reasons that the Bible tells us no to make to many plans for the future, but to instead focus on getting through today. There are too many things going on, too many people involved, too many unknowable variables to really make reliable plans. I think the most you can hope for are guidelines. And since I've noticed that a lot of people get much more stressed when their plans don't work out the way they want, it seems that' God's advice to us about plans is mostly just to keep us sane.

So does that mean that the Bible is saying that we should make no plans. I don't think so, just that when we do make plans, do not hold on to them tightly. Acknowledge that circumstances may change in ways you can't foresee or control, and be ready to adapt.  Adaptation is an excellent ability to develop. I definitely see that the times when I am the most stressed and unhappy could have been aoided if I had just been more open to adapting.

And praying. Always praying.

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