Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sensitive Geek MAN: Come and see the incredible golf ball whacker guy...

I have never been a "sports" guy.

I have pretty much become okay with that now, but growing up it made things difficult when it came to friend-making. There is a strange amount of pressure on boys (at least when I was growing up) to be involved in sports in some manner. You should play them if you can. If you can't, you should watch them.

As far as the 'standard' sports are concerned, I did neither. I could just never get to the point where I thought sports were that interesting.

But because it seemed expected, I gave it a shot. I ended up finding a few sports I enjoyed, but they are all individual sports: skiing, rock climbing, cycling, running, etc. Team sports never appealed, and I think a big reason is that, in team sports, there are other people depending on you to do your job. And I am bad at sports. I don't pick up on them quickly, usually. So having others on a team who are depending on me to perform decently was very stressful.

Eventually, I got older and my friends got older and we have come to an understanding: I'm bad at sports and don't enjoy watching them, but I will play and watch because we are friends. My friends understand that, when I play, I will be not doing well.  When I watch, I will be asking lots of questions. We are finally old enough where that all works out.

I bring this up because, yesterday, I went to play golf with a friend of mine who is getting married. I went because he is my friend and I wanted to hang out. He (and his family) are good at golf. I am NOT. I would say I am even below my normal average for sports when it comes to golf.
He was very supportive. I asked for pointers and he was good and patient about giving them. I improved a little and I think we all had fun.

and it only took us 5 1/2 hours to finish 18 holes.

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