Monday, September 19, 2011

Sensitive Geek MAN: Indestructible Pants

I don't understand these pants I am wearing today.

For the most part, they are normal pants, but they have 3 different buttons at the waist. They are not ButtonFly pants.  I am wearing dress pants to work.

So here are these 3 buttons. Well, they aren't all buttons.  Basically, I have the interior button, then a sort of slide-fastening mechanism, then an outer button.

Why do I need all these buttons? I am not, to the best of my knowledge, threatening to burst out of my pants.  I could understand a secondary button as a safety measure, but a tertiary fastening device seems like overkill.

I am trying not to be offended that pants manufacturers believe that I am such a risk that they need to protect the structural integrity of these pants.

I would much rather have pants where the FABRIC was somehow reinforced against my shenanigans. I'm thinking some sort of Carbon Nano Fiber that would then be both tear and stain resistant.  Really, all my clothes should be made this way.

The other benefit is that the Carbon Nano Fiber (CNF) clothes is that they will probably last longer than I will.  I can hand them down to my children. They will become a family heirloom of sorts. They would have to be in a very neutral fashion in order to be useful, but otherwise they could last for generations.

Anyone who has CNF manufacturing capabilities, let me know.  I think I have a billion dollar idea for you.

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