Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Renewing Mind: the Lord loves wondrous variety

sometimes I feel I have to make myself more palatable for public consumption.

I tend to like things that the average person does not like, and in fact looks down on in some way. I also tend to believe things that the average person does not believe, and may in fact be offended by. Both of these things cause me to, at times, avoid conversations that may bring up the topics that illicit judgement or offense.

It bothers me that I do this, both because I feel that I should be ok with who I am and what I like and also because I feel that other people should wait on judgement until all the facts are in. The games I play, the movies I watch, the books I read should not really inform a negative opinion, as they have little impact in how I relate to others.

On the other hand, i know that there has been may a time that I have missed an opportunity to share the Gospel with someone because I am too afraid of what they may think. Sometimes it is because I work with the person and I don't want to make our working relationship awkward, sometimes it is just that I am a coward who wants people to like me. Either way it is unacceptable.

The whole thing is unacceptable. If the Lord is honored, if sin is absent, then no apologies should be made.

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