Monday, July 15, 2013

The BabyShow: An Abrupt Ending

Players: Gus, Ruby, Ruthie
Location: Living Room

Ruthie: “Okay, kiddoos, let’s read some books.”
Gus toddles in from the other hallway: “Boo-k, Boo-k.”
Ruthie calls down the hall: “Ruby, would you like to pick out the first book.
Ruby: “YEAH!”
Ruby runs down the hall like a flat-footed T-Rex. She runs over to the book bin and stars flipping through the books.
Ruthie: “Ruby, why are you naked?”
Ruby (who is actually still wearing underwear) looks down at herself like she forgot she’d taken her clothes off, then: “because I’m inside.” She then pulls a book out and hands it to Ruthie.
Ruthie re-positions on the couch. Ruby climbs up next to her, as does Gus.
Ruthie makes a light concerned face when she opens the book: “Okay, Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss.”
Ruby laughs around the thumb in her mouth.
Ruthie makes her way carefully through Fox in Socks.
Ruthie: “…’Who sews whose socks? Sue sews Sue’s socks. Who sees who sew whose new socks, sir? You see Sue sew Sue’s new socks, sir.’[1] Gus, where yah going?”
Gus slides off couch: “Buk.” He toddles over to the book bin.
Ruthie continues reading. About a page or two later, Gus returns and hands her the interactive A Charlie Brown Christmas.
Ruthie: “Why is this book even out?”
Gus: “BUHK.” He slaps the book a few times.
Ruthie: “Okay, we can read this next.”
Gus goes off to play with a ball while he waits.
Ruthie continues to read Fox in Socks, sighing audibly when it is finally finished.
Ruthie: “Okay, Gus. Come on back. It’s time for your book.”
Gus comes back up onto the couch.
Ruthie opens the book: “A Charlie Brown Christmas, by Charles M. Schulz.”
Ruby: “I wanna press the buttons.”
Gus: “BUH-tone.”
Ruthie: “You can take turns.”
Ruthie begins reading the book. Every other page or so, there is a picture that indicates that a button on the side of the book should be pressed. The kids take turns pressing these buttons and listening to the sounds come out.
Ruby presses the button that results in Charlie Brown saying ‘Good Grief’ approximately 1000 times while the story is being read.
Ruthie starts reading the section where Charlie Brown attempts to decorate his tiny, sad tree and it poorly: “ ‘A look of horror  crossed Charlie Brown’s face. “I've killed it! Oh, Everything I touch gets ruined!” His head hung in defeat, Charlie Brown sadly walked away.’”[2]
Ruthie turns the page, only to find that all the following pages have been ripped out of the book.
Ruby and Gus look up at her expectantly.
Ruthie: “uh….The End…?”
Gus blinks a few times and then slides off the couch.
Ruby giggles around her thumb, then flops of the couch onto her feet and goes to steal whatever toy Gus just picked up.
Ruthie, thinking that the story is now hysterically dark, puts it back in the book bin.

[1] Dr. Seuss, Fox in Socks (New York, Beginner Books, 1965), pg 21
[2] Schulz, Charles M., A Charlie Brown Christmas: An Interactive Book with Sound (Philadelphia, Hallmark Gift Books, 2010), pg 35.

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