Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Baby Show: She's gonna blow.

Players: Brad, Gus, Hope, Ruby
Location: Coming back from the park, the long way.

Brad, having gone around the long way to come back from the park, turns onto his street with Hope in the Baby Backpack, and The Baby Show in the double stroller.

Ruby turns around and looks up at Brad: "Daddy, I have to go pee."
Brad: "What, right now or can we make it home?"
Ruby pops her thumb in her mouth and stares at him.
Brad, knowing that Ruby has been having more accidents recently, expects the worst: "Ruby, you really need to go pee?"
Ruby nods: "and poop!"
Brad begins to run. From this direction, the entire rest of the trip to home is uphill. 
Gus: "YEAYYAW." {Finally, some speed! ADVENTURE!}
Hope is bouncing manically in the backpack, her stiff Frankenstein arms are out to the side, flapping: {Faster, I'm almost airborne}
Gus: {AGREED. I'm late for a meeting with the Daoguang Emperor! Get this Rickshaw moving, chinaman!}
Gus: {My apologies! Just trying to be authentic to the period.}
Brad turns into their driveway and runs them up to the backdoor. 
He frantically unstraps Ruby and unlocks the backdoor: "Okay Ruby," gasp "go quick" gasp "to the potty."
Ruby stands and stares at him for a moment, then takes her thumb out of her mouth. "I don't need to go potty. I want a graham cracker."
Brad takes a few breathes: "Please go try anyway."
Ruby toddles off.

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