Friday, September 20, 2013

A Mock-Up of Parenting: Part the Last, where we wrap things up.

(Continued from Part the Third)

I came up with all this based on my limited experience, but even more based on my conversations with and observations of other parents. There are some parenting heroes who are juggling 4 muddy tennis balls while listening to Spanish radio, and I don’t even feel worthy to be in the same room with them. After watching them and listening to their wisdom, the advice I’ve gleaned breaks down into a few areas.
First, get people to support you. Other parents, your extended family, close friends—people upon which you can rely and with whom can be disturbingly honest.
Second, remember that you can always catch up on those episodes (what’s going on in the world) later when you have a minute to breath.
Third, let go of the idea that your life is your own. Really, this is good advice even if you don’t have kids. The things you have to get done or you wanted to do with your day—or life—can be subtly onerous whether you have kids or not. The sooner you let that go, the happier you’ll be overall.
Remember, keeping the kids alive is job #1, and sometimes you can only get one job done.

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