Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Renewing Mind: Money for Nothin

I am not a financial genius.

I would say that I do average at watching my finances. I am able to tithe, able to save some money, pay my bills, and have a little fun. That was great when I was single.  When I got married, we started trying to be a little more intentional about our money, but it usually ended poorly. Since it is exponentially harder to be aware of 2 people's finances at the same time, we eventually settled into a more advanced version of what I had been doing before.

Now we are having kids. It just seemed that we really needed to get a handle on what was happening with our money. So last night, 2 friends of ours from church who are also financial planners came over to talk to us about it. They made things very easy, gave us a little homework to do, and got us thinking in the right direction. The thing I realized after we talked was that I should have done something like this 15 years ago.  I had this mindset that paying too much attention to my money was somehow sinful, that it meant I was putting money before God. Now I realize that I oversimplified it. Being responsible with the gifts you are given is very biblical.

So, my suggestion to any one who hasn't figured out what your money is doing, figure it out. If you aren't good with finances, that's fine. Find someone to help you. I can recommend some people. If you feel like you don't make or have enough money to make it worthwhile, you're wrong.

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  1. I highly suggest the Dave Ramsey CDs. Courtney and I listened to them when we were engaged and they really helped us get our finances under control. We don't do everything he suggests but overall he's got a lot of solid concepts.